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My goal is to provide you with individualized PCOS weight loss plans that help you to lose weight, optimize your fertility AND be the healthiest version of YOU.

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How to Count your Macros when you have PCOS

How to Count your Macros when you have PCOS

How to Count your Macros when you have PCOS   Learning how to count your macros when you have PCOS is a hot topic! But, before I walk you through how to do this - I need to explain what the heck macros are in the first place. Macros or more properly known as...

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Keto vs Atkins: what’s actually the difference?

  Keto vs Atkins: what's actually the difference?   Keto is such a hot topic these days but is it the same thing as Atkins? Both are low carb, high in fat and share a large majority of the same principles but there are differences. We are going to get to the...

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J.E.R.F. Pinky swear it does not involve cauliflower

J.E.R.F.   Today's nutrition tip is brought to you by the acronym J.E.R.F. - Just Eat Real Food. There are a million ways to spin off of this word (and the relative term real) but the direction I am going to is with 'pseudo' foods. Bare with me ... I promise you...

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Losing weight has never been so successful and empowering.

“After struggling with weight loss and gain for years, my husband and I decided that we had enough with the ‘fad’ diets that never really worked. Personally struggling with PCOS has made weight loss nearly impossible. I knew that we needed something permanent and that a lifestyle change was necessary in order to lose weight and keep it off. Our doctor recommended Amy and the Plano Program and I thought it would be worth a shot to try. I was hesitant of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with how un-diet like the Plano Program is. Within weeks, we had completely changed our eating habits and we now have an entirely new outlook on food. Amy makes eating healthy and “dieting” realistic and fun. Amy created a weight loss plan for PCOS that worked for us!

Losing weight has never been so successful and empowering. I have overcome hurdles that most women with PCOS never imagine they can, and my husband is at his lowest weight ever! We look forward to continuing this healthy lifestyle and we tell everyone who is trying the newest diet unsuccessfully to start the Plano Program. Sometimes all it takes is having someone lead the way in order to make a change and Amy and The Plano Program has definitely made that happen.”

– Jenna & Gavin Foley

Got customized PCOS weight loss plans? You Betcha!

Tired, frustrated, ready to give up? Searched the internet high and low for the customized PCOS weight loss plans – yet still no success? Search no further ‘stista! The PCOS Dietitian has got your back. Check out my services page to see the different types of PCOS weight loss plans I offer. Commitment issues? No problemo – check out my latest blogs and sign up for my newsletter that will provide you with latest and greatest weight loss tips, recipes and dietary guidelines specifically for chicks with PCOS.

You got this, my friend.

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