PCOS and Carbs – 10 Facts You Need to Know if you have PCOS

by | Aug 16, 2016

PCOS and carbs – Ten Facts You NEED to Know


1. If you have PCOS you should aim to consume only a moderate amount (35 % or lower) of carbohydrates to decrease the consequences of insulin resistance and promote weight loss.


2. Carbohydrates come in all shapes and sizes. Bread, rice, quinoa, apples, watermelon, yogurt, ketchup and donuts while are all very types of different foods all contain carbohydrates. However, just because a food is considered a healthy carb does not mean you consume with reckless abandonment! 


Think twice about ordering the low-fat blueberry muffin from Dunkin!




3. All vegetables contain carbohydrates. One half cup of most non-starchy vegetables contain about 5 grams of carbohydrates. But don’t worry silly!  Because the carbohydrates coming from non-starchy vegetables contain significant fiber – no need to count. So go ahead and chow down!


4. One cup of cooked brown rice has 45 grams of carbohydrates and one cup of cooked white rice has the same amount of carbohydrates. The only difference between the two types of rice is that brown rice has 2.0 grams more fiber PER CUP than the white rice. 


Truth bomb – brown rice and white rice have the exact same amount of carbohydrates AND calories




5. Gin, vodka, rum and tequila all contain zero grams of carbohydrates. The mixers are where all the carbohydrates come from in most cocktails.


6. Women who have PCOS and suffer from insulin resistance are more likely to have cravings for carbohydrates than women who have PCOS and are not insulin resistant. 


7. When selecting a bread check the label for one that has the words “whole wheat” as the very first ingredient and contains at least 3 grams of fiber per slice. Looking for a PCOS friendly bread – how about trying Dave’s Killer Bread? 


Dave’s Killer Bread – Give it a go!


PCOS friendly bread


8. The less body fat an individual carries the more sensitive they are to the effects of insulin. This mean the more carbohydrates they can consume without increasing their body stores of fat. 


9. A Reduced-Fat Blueberry Muffin from Dunkin’ Donuts contains 75 grams of carbohydrates which is close to many women who have PCOS total amount of carbohydrates for the whole day.



10. Carbohydrates are not “bad” for women with PCOS. We just need to make they know the appropriate amount for their own bodies. 

How do you manage to include indulgences in your diet while still watching your carbs? Tell us in the comments below. Our community is always psyched with insider insight 🙂 


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