The Princess Program Options

All packages are available for in-person counseling, via Skype, or by Phone.

Option 3
The Princess Package

More power to the princesses!

A great option for women who are looking to fine tune their diet and lose those last pesky 5 to10 pounds. Includes one 90 minute initial visit and one 30 minute follow up to review your progress

  • 1 Body Gem Metabolism Test with interpretation of results
  • Review of current diet and lifestyle
  • 2 sample days of meals with exchanges based upon your individual metabolism,
    goals and personal food preferences
  • Plano Program Approved Snacks
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
  • Body Fat Testing

Princess Program Cost: $350 plus tax (paid in full at beginning of first session)

Want to see if your health insurance will cover these visits? Please see the information regarding using health insurance for your visits to see if you have coverage for nutrition on your policy.

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