Basic Consult

All packages are available for in-person counseling (in our Orange, CT office), via Telehealth, or by Phone.

Option 4
Basic Consult

Do you have some basic questions about nutrition and PCOS? However, do not feel like you need or can afford or NEED a full-blown package – then this option is for YOU. In this 60-minute consult, you will have a member of our PCOS nutrition team’s undivided attention. During this time the Registered Dietitian will answer any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis and how to make the appropriate dietary changes to optimize your health.

Please note – the phone consult option is a completely client-driven call. It is helpful if you can identify your top goals, objectives, and any questions you want to be addressed during the call. Depending upon the client’s dietary needs additional follow-up consults may be recommended.

Please check to see if a session like this may be covered by your health insurance. In our experience, the majority of commercial health insurance provides excellent coverage for nutrition.

Initial nutrition consult (60 minutes): $180.00
Follow-up nutrition consult (30 minutes): $80.00

Want to see if your health insurance will cover these visits? Please see the information regarding using health insurance for your visits to see if you have coverage for nutrition on your policy.