The Diva Program Option

All packages are available for in-person (Orange, CT facility) counseling, via telehealth, or by Phone.

Option 2
The Diva Package

Rock your inner diva!

This program is for women who have 30 or more pounds to lose. It includes all the same options as the 12-week program but provides 6 months of educational coaching versus the three months offered in our 12-week program. At the 3-month point, a program redesign based on your new metabolism parameters occurs – so you have a fresh new set of meals plans to motivate you!

The 24- week program includes:

  • 3 * Body Gem Metabolism Tests to determine your unique calorie needs
  • A 4-day customized meal plan based on your personal food preferences using our unique calorie
    and carbohydrate cycle to optimize fat loss and accelerate weight loss
  • A complete shopping list to accompany your meal plan
  • 12 bi-weekly educational coaching sessions that can include body fat testing, troubleshooting, and educational materials [these sessions may be able to be billed to your insurance]
  • Plano Program Approved Snacks and Recipes
  • Bimonthly newsletters chock full of recipes, motivations tips, and education
  • Members only access to Amy’s PCOS closed Facebook page so you can connect with other
    fellow PCOSers who are on the program
  • Ability to personally connect with Amy on Pinterest and Instagram
  • Limited email access (during business hours, of course!) to your nutrition PCOS expert throughout the course of your program
  • Bonus: Free access to any cooking demonstration, seminars, or lectures conducted by Amy
    throughout the course of your program

Diva Paid in Full Program Cost: $ 1800.00 plus tax [Cost without insurance]

Diva Payment Plan: 3 payments of $620.00 plus tax. The first payment is due at the initial visit. The second payment is due at follow-up visit # 3 or at the 6-week point. The third payment is due at the 6th follow-up visit or at the 12-week point. For anyone electing to do a payment plan, a credit card is required to be kept on file. [Cost without insurance]

Cost with insurance covering your face-to-face visits: $700.00. This covers your three metabolism tests and your two customized weight loss PCOS meal plan based on your food preferences.

* Please note if you elect not to do the metabolism testing due to the fact that you are not local or just plain decide you don’t want it tested – $175.00 will be taken off the cost of the total package.



Want to see if your health insurance will cover these visits? Please see the information regarding using health insurance for your visits to see if you have coverage for nutrition on your policy.