Why am I so tired? PCOS and fatigue

by | Jan 1, 2014

Why am I so tired? Fatigue and PCOS

Do you feel tired all the time? Lots of people do. It’s a sign of our overbooked times.

But fatigue is also one of the leading symptoms reported among women with PCOS.

Getting your energy back could be simpler than you think. Start by seeing if you can relate to the top 3 causes of fatigue.

The top 3 reasons for fatigue

For PCOS and non-PCOS women alike, the most common reasons for feeling tired are about daily habits.

1. What you eat. Reaching for caffeine and sugar can backfire, leaving you more fatigued as your blood sugar levels fluctuate wildly. Instead, go for a balanced, healthy diet replete with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. “Most people feel like they’re less tired if they eat a healthy diet,” says J. Fred Ralston Jr., MD, past president of the American College of Physicians. “Eating healthy also means you’ll carry less weight, and obesity is a big contributor to fatigue.

2. How much you sleep. You saw this one coming, right? Many people don’t get enough sleep. If you’re one of them, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the hours just before bedtime, turn off the TV before bed, and keep your bedroom quiet and restful.

3. How much you exercise. This is the biggie, Ralston says. His favorite prescription for plain old tiredness is regular, vigorous exercise. Finish at least three hours before bedtime, so you have time to wind down.

If you think that exercise would just make you more tired, there’s good news: Exercise breeds energy. Almost all the studies that have looked at this question have found the same thing: Sedentary people who start exercising feel much less fatigue than those who stay idle. It’s one of those surprising truths: move more and you’ll get more energy.

Ralston recommends getting 40 minutes of exercise at least four days a week, to get you going.

Do that, and a month from now, you should notice some improvement. Keep with it for 3 to 6 months more, and you should feel much better.

If you follow your exercise prescription for at least a month — and you’re also making enough time for sleep — and you’re still feeling lousy, look into other causes, Ralston advises.

The future is now: Fight fatigue today

Self care is important for everyone, but especially for women with PCOS. In order to fight fatigue, begin by addressing the causes listed above: modify your diet and nutrition intake, get enough sleep, and implement a regular exercise plan.

When you tackle these steps, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately. With or without PCOS, you’ll feel happier and healthier…and fatigue will be a thing of the past, once and for all.